D G Jones- The Flayed Prince

D G Jones is an award winning author who avoids the mainstream and like his hero Thomas Ligotti, has a large underground cult following. He rarely appears in public or gives interviews, and much of his success relies on word of mouth. Know for the explicit content of his work, his novels have a wide range of styles and themes: horror, comedy, politics and dark science fiction are amongst some of the genres he writes in, exploring themes of alienation, poverty, slavery and the horrors of the modern condition. He is a fierce critic of social injustice, refuses to marry or have children and is a passionate believer in equality for all.

Dave Q&A



Why Anarchist occult Horror?

I think that sums up all the styles of my writing, in books anything can and should happen, so there are no rules to follow. I love the strange and erratic, always trying different things and diffrent ideas, to me, horror is about the unknown. But I also love writing the comic stuff, that goes back to all those years ago writing scripts for underground magazines.


Are you an anarchist?

The old definition of an anarchist is “to be without a leader”, and I stick to that. If you think about it, most people don’t have a leader, only themselves and people they love, so I think that makes for a lot of anarchists.


What do you actually believe?

Apart from the idea that everyone should be equal and free I don’t really know. I believe in God, an afterlife, aliens and that life is probably a hologram, but I don’t believe anything on the news, I’m not that crazy.


What are your favourite things?

My family and friends who have put up with me and my ideas. Cats, tea and Lucky Strikes.


Who are your favourite writers?

Lovecraft, Poe, Kafka, James Herbert, Clive Barker, Thomas Ligotti and Agatha Christie.


Favourite movie?

John Carpenter’s The Thing. Without question. “Mac get your gear on…”


Can you sum yourself up in one word?



What do you want your epitaph to say?

“Got born. Stuff Happened. Died.”

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