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Welcome to The Flayed Prince, home of the award winning writer D G Jones. Known for his unique brand of literature, D G Jones invites you to join him as he takes on the world with his odd, often surreal and sometimes humourous material. Please be aware some may be offended by the material and views expressed. D G Jones operates from the Underground art and literature scene and has gained a huge following of dedicated readers and yet has stayed outside the mainstream, rarely appearing in public. He is now hosting the Femdom Stories of his long time friend Jennifer Mischief, although much of it is not his kind of thing, he is pleased to help in her writing, editing and revising her material if requested. He does however share Jennifer's love for strong female characters, horror movies and Jack Daniels.



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The Flayed Prince is proud to announce he is now hosting the Female Domination stories of Jennifer Mischief! Just scroll down for all the Femdom, SPH, ballbusting tales! ADULTS ONLY!!!

For the first time, all ten stories in one anthology, representing a huge discount of over 50%!
All ten stories, all femdom.

Femdom Underground Stories:

Mrs Bradbury is a large mature matron who takes a no nonsense approach and Rex is sent to stay with her for a week of training in domestic service. She has no problem in highlighting his short comings and even less trouble in handing out some good old fashioned discipline to keep her new charge in line.

Femdom Underground Stories:

The best way to describe Magnus is a sleaze ball. Owner of his firm, he enjoys having complete power over his employees, that is until the new temp and her friend decide to take action on behalf of the women he has been lording over...

Femdom Underground Stories:

Jerome is not interesting in working, but when he has to take a job at the health farm, he discovers there are a few perks having so many women around. Things go badly wrong however when he makes the mistake of spying on three strapping amazon women in the changing rooms, and they are less than pleased at having a peeping Tom in their midst.

Femdom Underground Stories:

Three years of front line service in the war is nothing to the horrors James is about to face. Caught and suspected to be a spy, he is sent to the dreaded Station Seven, an interrogation camp with a Valkyrie like staff, under the supervision of the evil Commandant Q. She and her staff are determined to discover the truth, using all means possible.

Femdom Underground Stories:

Richard has a very small problem that has led to a life of humiliation and misery, so he checks himself into Doctor Kline’s clinic with the hope she will be able to help. He puts himself in her hands, which turns out to be a big mistake, and the treatment he getsmight be worse than his original complaint.

Femdom Underground Stories:

Alan is a small time thief and burglar who imagines himself to be a monster haunting the darkness. But his delusions are about to be brutally shattered when he encounters three college girls who are only too keen to mete out their own kind of justice after he tries to break in their home.  

Femdom Underground Stories:

Edward has been cheating on his wife for over a year now, meeting escorts in his plush hotel room for his secret liaisons. His latest assignation Elizabeth is something a little special, tall and raven haired, she is about to open a whole new world of pleasure to him. And suffering.

Femdom Underground Stories:

Out in the back woods, Daniel has been sent to deliver an eviction notice on the Tillman place, and the three sisters who live there. He soon discovers that they have their own little commune going on, one where women are most defiantly in control and the men are just the objects of their vicious amusement.

Femdom Underground Stories:

Miss Sharp is the object of Martin’s desires as she teaches on his evening class, and he finds himself spending more time fantasying about her than concentrating on his essays. The small young blonde is just what he has been aching for, and he can’t believe his luck when she invites him home. Then he soon discovers he has seriously underestimated her, and she has desires of her own.

Femdom Underground Stories:

Simon has been living with his Aunty Karen and Aunty Bea, two large mature ladies who have never had much time for him. When he is caught up to no good by Bea, things take a strange turn where he is snared between the two of them, both with very different ideas on how to deal with him. 







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"Yes, it's brutal and even a little disturbing but once again, the storyteller
produces a style which becomes more compelling with every page turn..." Melanie C. Novemeber 2012.



"No rules, no limits, he is unpredictable and half insane. He scares the shit out of me, but I can't stop reading..." S. D. Morgan. June 2011.



"I would exercise caution with some more delicate readers used to more polite
books, but if you want a full-on life altering read, look no further. I have
read several other Kindle books by D.G Jones and I must say, he rocks!!!" Dexron26. November 2012.

D G Jones The Flayed Prince